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A signed copy of this Rental Contract (the "Contract") along with any applicable deposit must be received by Heritage before instrument availability can be confirmed, or any instrument is shipped.

Parties - The parties to this contract are:

Heritage Group Inc.                              
625 Valley Road                            
Littleton, CO 80124

hereinafter called "Heritage", and

                                                             (enter billing address here)



 hereinafter called the "Lessee".

Rental Period-The term of this Contract shall be                 days/weeks/months(the "Rental Period"). The rental period begins on the date of shipment from Heritage’ office and ends on the date the equipment is received in Heritage' office. For Monday deliveries Heritage will ship the previous Friday and rental period will begin Sunday. For Saturday delivery Heritage will ship Friday and the Lessee shall receive a credit for one day of rental at no charge. (enter approximate number equipment will be out and circle days. weeks, or months)

Reservation Type-   Guaranteed  or   NotGuaranteed     (circle one. see note* for description of a guaranteed rental)

Equipment-Heritage hereby leases to the Lessee and the Lessee leases from Heritage the following equipment:

                                                                                                        (specify desired equipment) 


hereinafter called the "Equipment". The Equipment shall also consist of all parts provided to make the Equipment a complete system, as well as any part added or substituted by the Parties to the Equipment during the validity of this Contract. The Lessee shall promptly notify Heritage of any missing parts upon receipt of the Equipment.



Territory-The Lessee covenants that the Equipment will not be removed from the territory of hereinafter called the "Territory".

Rent-The Lessee agrees to make the following rental payments to Heritage:

A preparation/mobilization fee of $                       to cover one time costs of preparing the Equipment and or securing the Equipment for delivery.

A deposit of $                      to be applied to the total rental payment. This deposit will be credited on the last invoice mailed after return of the Equipment to Heritage.

A rental rate of $                     per day/week/month.

Payment Terms-Rental periods of less than one month will be invoiced when the Equipment is returned to Heritage. Rental periods in excess of one month will be invoiced for one month's rental beginning the 30th day of the Rental Period.

Terms of payment are Net 30. Late payments shall bear interest at the compound annual rate of 18% plus a $25.00/month fee for each month, or part of a month, the payment is late. All payments shall be in U.S. dollars.

If Heritage shall bring an action to collect unpaid rentals or other sums due under this Contract, the Lessee agrees to bear all costs, including attorney's fees.

Date of Shipment-It is agreed by Lessee that Heritage may make delivery of the Equipment

ON:                        (enter date)                         Type of Overnight Service (circle one):      Priority        Standard

                                                                                Shipping Insurance (circle one):          Yes               No



     Account No.:






















Insurance-Lessee agrees to provide insurance for the Equipment at all times during the Rental Period, including shipment. Lessee agrees to provide to Heritage evidence of this insurance promptly if requested.

Additional Provisions-The Lessee has read and agrees to the Additional Provisions, Appendix 1, of the Contract.


Acceptance-This contract made this day              is valid for acceptance by the Lessee for a period of 60 days. In entering into this Contract the Lessee agrees to all of the above terms as well as those given on the attached "Appendix to Heritage Rental Contract" and in witness of this contract has caused one copy of this Contract to be signed by an authorized signing officer and to be returned to Heritage.

Heritage Group Inc. 






                    Authorized Signature




















Lessee:  (to be signed by lessee)






                    Authorized Signature



















 NOTE* Guaranteed Rentals Shall Have The Following Additional Provisions:

If Lessee has selected the Guaranteed Reservation Option he shall be liable for the full rental payments under this agreement even if he selects not to have the equipment shipped. Furthermore, failure of Lessee to return rental equipment on the last day of the rental period shall subject all additional days of rental during which the equipment is not returned to a surcharge of three times the normal daily rental. These conditions shall in no way liable Heritage for any damages for failure to provide the equipment. Heritage shall make its best faith effort to provide the equipment, but may fail to do so due to failure of the equipment, failure by previous Lessee to return equipment promptly, or any other problems beyond its control. Heritage may grant an extension to the agreed upon Rental Period at normal rental rates if equipment is not needed for another reservation. This agreement must be made in writing.

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