Resistivity Case Histories

A Numerical Comparison of 2D Resistivity Imaging with Ten Electrode Arrays (PDF File, 2M)

Syscal Jr., R1 plus and R2

Barrier Island Psuedo Section
Use of ELDS Technology To Manage Risks In Gold And Copper Mining
Vertical Electrical Soundings for Water Well Location in a Complex Bedrock Environment
Pipeline Route Investigations Using Geophysical Techniques
Geotechnical Investigations For Corrosive Soils
High Conductivities Associated with an LNAPL Plume Imaged by Integrated Geophysical Techniques
Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, CFE’s Geophyscial Studies
A Model Study of te Effect of Salinatin on Groundwater Resistivity
Marine SP Surveys for Dam Seepage Investigations: Evalueation of Array Geometries through Modeling and Field Trials
Reconnaissance Study of the Relationship Between Lineaments and Fractures in the Southwest Portion of the Lake Chad Basin
A Review of Geophysical Methods Used in Archaeology

Intelligent Node System

Field Set-up
Use of the Intelligent Node System
Landfill Leak detection
Underground Storage Tank Integrated Demonstratrion and the Electronic Leak Detection System

Corim (Continuous Profiling Resistivity System)

Field Set-up
Use of the Corim System
Technical Test of the CORIM