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International Sales


If your inquiry is from outside of the U.S., we welcome your interest and hope to earn your eventual business. We realize that the different customs of various countries require flexibility in meeting your needs. We attempt to do business directly with the end client so as to minimize the costs of additional handling, and to better understand your applications, so that we quote equipment most suitable to your work.

In most cases you will find our quotes are provided on the basis of receiving payment at the time of order, or in the case of a very large order, with a 50% deposit. Most equipment is delivered in 4-6 weeks, so we feel that the cost of money is minimized by this approach, and we discount our prices based on this payment method. Should you require Letter of Credit Terms we will accept orders on this basis, but you will find our quoted prices will be about 10% higher.

Shipping is most often by prepaid courier service, either Federal Express or DHL. We will generally quote this way so that you know the total charges, less your local Customs fees, for the equipment. These carriers we have found to be reliable and insured, so that tracking of your order can be done by both you and us. We also use airfreight in those countries where this service is the best choice.

If your country has special import duties for various classifications of goods, or for different Origins, please let us know. We supply equipment from suppliers located around the world, so it is likely your order may have parts from more than one country. We can supply you with this information, as well as copies of Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, etc., in advance, so that we can be sure the forms are correct when your equipment is received.

Training is offered in our offices, or at your location. Generally the quality of training is better at your site, as we may be able to have more of your staff present, and we will be working in your local conditions. We also provide exceptional e-mail and telephone support, and in many cases, particularly if you already have geophysical experience, this is sufficient.

We do not normally rent to international clients except in the case of a large multi-national company with U.S. offices. International rentals offer many logistical problems, such as delayed freight, and Customs fees, that make rentals less attractive than purchase in almost any situation. If you still have a rental interest please feel free to contact us. If we can provide equipment, most likely we will require a deposit in the full value of the equipment before shipment.

Thank you for your interest in our products. I hope we can earn your business.


Jerry McJunkin, President

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