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Case Histories

Ground Water Exploration

Case Title Author Date Size
Two-Dimensional Resistivity Investigation of the North Cavalcade Street Site, Houston, Texas Wade H. Kress and Andrew P. Teeple Aug 2003 PDF
23.8 MB
Application of Surface Geophysical Methods, With Emphasis on Magnetic Resonance Soundings, to Characterize the Hydrostratigraphy of the Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer, College Station, Texas Sachin D. Shah, Wade H. Kress, and Anatoly Legchenko Jul 2006 PDF
14.7 MB
Geophysical Analysis of the Salmon Peak Formation Near Amistad Reservoir Dam, Val Verde County, Texas, and Coahuila, Mexico Gregory P. Stanton, Wade H. Kress, Andrew P. Teeple, Michael L. Greenslate, and Allan K. Clark Mar 2006 PDF
35.9 MB
An Integrated Hydrogeologic and Geophysical Investigation to Characterize the Hydrostratigraphy of the Edwards Aquifer in an Area of Northeastern Bexar County, Texas Sachin D. Shah, Bruce D. Smith, Allan K. Clark, and Jason D. Payne Dec 2008 PDF
8.6 MB
Effects of Water Saturation on a Resistivity Survey of an Unconfined Fluvial Aquifer in Columbus, MS
Combination of electrical resistivity and magnetic resonance sounding data for mapping an aquifer layer in Mauritania
Geophysical Methods Used To Guide Hydrogeological Investigation At An UMTRA Site Near Grand Junction, Colorado
Principles of Geophysical Methods for Groundwater Investigations (PDF file, 866K)
Well Location

Vertical Electrical Soundings for Water Well location in a Complex Bedrock Environment

Application of Airborne and Ground Geophysical Surveys in Elucidating the Geology and Water Resources Potential of the lower Okavango Delta
Reconnaissance Study of the Relationship Between Lineaments and Fractures in the Southwest Portion of the Lake Chad Basin

Saltwater Intrusion

Saltwater Intrusion on a Barrier Island

A Model Study of the Effect of Salination on Groundwater Resistivity


Geophysics For Archaeology Assessment: Fort William Discovered? Fort Laramie National Historical Site, Wyoming.

Environmental Assessment


Electrical Imaging of Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) Integrity

Temporal and Spatial Variability of High Resolution Situ Vertical Apparent Resistivity Measurements at a LNAPL Impacted Site
Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection System (ELDS)
Landfill Monitoring

Landfill Leak Detection System

Heap Leach Pad Monitoring To manage Risks In Gold and Copper Mining
Geophysical Surveys at INEL/RWMC Cold Pit, Acid Pit, and Pit9
Underground Storage Tank (UST)

Survey Over a UST Using Combined Magnetometer/EM61

Hickam Air Force Base Underground Storage Tank Project
Pipeline Investigation

Pipeline Route Investigation Using Geophysical Techniques

Infrastructure Projects

High Resolution Seismic Reflection Investigation of a Subsidence Feature on US Highway 50 Near Hutchinson, Kansas
Application of Three-Dimensional Resistivity Imaging Technique to Site Investigations
Geotechnical Investigations For Corrosive Soils

Law Enforcement Support

A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Detection of Clandestine Graves

Mineral Exploration

Use of Gamma Spectrometry in Ontario for Rare Earth Elements
Sulphide Exploration in Newfoundland Using Gamma Spectrometry
Gamma Spectrometry in the Northwest Territories, Canada for Polymetallic Au, Co, Cu, Bi, W

Natural Resource Assessment

Reconnaissance Surveys

Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, CFE's Geophysical Studies

Grass Roots Exploration

Refraction Seismic Survey to Determine Rippability

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