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Welcome to Heritage Geophysics!

On these pages you will find the latest in resistivity meters, electromagnetics, magnetometers, induced polarization, seismographs, and even magnetic resonance sounding systems. Have a question? If it is close to normal working hours in the Rocky Mountain time zone you can probably reach us right now, by e-mail or phone. If not we will get back to you quickly, normally by the next morning.

If you are looking for geophysical services please go to our Contractor's page for a listing of service providers throughout the United States. If you are not familiar with doing geophysical surveys we strongly recommend you consider hiring a professional. Our rental program is structured for those familiar with the use of this type of equipment.

Our broadest line of equipment is resistivity meters. From the traditional four electrodes at a time approach, all the way through resistivity imaging systems with hundreds of electrodes being sampled remotely, and everything in between, we have a system that can best meet your budget and requirements. We also have the software for resistivity inversion, both 2D and 3D, even for marine and ERT.

Many of our clients are looking for methods to locate and quantify ground water resources. For a discussion of geophysical methods used for groundwater exploration and the hydrogeological parameters that may be measured please go to our paper on Groundwater & Geophysics. This paper discusses the common parameters of porosity, permeability, transmissivity and conductivity.

For magnetometers we offer the traditional proton precession type, and the advanced cesium vapor magnetometers with gradiometer options, even with multiple sensors. Magnetic susceptibility meters are offered for use on rock outcrops, and also for field samples.

Our line of seismographs is also quite wide, encompassing more traditional models that feature built in displays, thermal printers, and data storage on hard drives, to lightweight, easy on the budget systems often described as "black boxes", utilizing notebook computers for system control, and data display and storage. Whether you need to do a simple refraction survey, or a detailed high resolution shallow reflection profile, we have a system that will do the work.

Please browse our pages, copy what interests you, ask us for a price list or quote, and just let us know what you need. We are here to match you to the product best suited to your application. You will find we won't always steer you to the most expensive solution, and we will also let you know when we don't have the right product. We will even recommend a competitor when that choice is the best for you. I hope we will earn your trust, time after time.

Jerry McJunkin, President, and client relationship manager.

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